Mossy Creek Retrievers

Client Testimonials

We couldn't be more pleased with our experience with Mossy Creek Retrievers. We have a ten month old boxer full of energy and 100% play. We didn't have control inside or outside of the home. There was stress when entertaining guests and taking Rocco anywhere.

From day one, with the in-home evaluation we knew we struck gold with Mike. His Veteran background was apparent as he was meticulous and thorough with our goals for Rocco. By week 2 the difference was night and day. We had no idea that Rocco was that smart. The following weeks only got better. Commands were solidified and groomed to perfection. Today we have an obedient well trained companion. Everywhere we take Rocco, we are complimented on how well trained he is.

At the end of the program, we were overwhelmingly pleased with Rocco's progress and the service provided by Mossy Creek Retrievers. The client/service provider relationship was great. We feel as if we have gained a family friend with Mike Oldfield. Our goal of having Rocco walk down the aisle with us for our wedding is now a reality and it's all because of Mossy Creek Retrievers and Mike Oldfield.

-Shuritta & Jerald

Just picked up our GSD, Mojo today. All I can say is awesome job guys. It's like having a totally different dog. Mojo was so hyper and stubborn when we dropped him off. Not now!! We drove 3 hours home he laid down calm as he could be, stopped at Petco near the house and opened the hatch to the car. He just sat there waiting for me to hook the leash. Inside he stayed right by my side, no pulling or barking at other dogs. We are so happy with the results. Could not thank you enough! Highly recommend anyone with a dog in need of training contact Mike Oldfield.

- Tim Johnson

My family and I are very pleased with the obedience and gun dog training that Mike Oldfield-Mossy Creek Retrievers did with our yellow lab Zeus! It's amazing to see Zeus in action! My husband and I recently sent our 6 month old fox red female lab Skadi to Mike and are excited to hear how well she's doing with his training methods! Thanks so much Mike!

- Katina Norris

We sent our GSD to Mike for training. She is so calm and obedient. She seems to thrive on pleasing us now. Mike did something with her that we couldn't do ourselves. He was also kind enough to keep Riley for an additional 2 weeks due to a family emergency. Thanks!

- Connie Slaughter

If you have a dog of any type that needs training. Basic obedience to finished. Call Michael! He will get the most out of any dog you send him. Hands down the best!!

- Nick Ring

Got to see Lily for the first time in 3 months after she had finished her Force Fetch and Started passes. Couldn't be more happy with her progress and how he has handled her. You can see the love and devotion in Mike when handling the dogs! If you are looking for training for training for your dog whether it is obedience or hunting I HIGHLY recommend Mossy Creek! I am very particular about my dogs manners and what I want and he has hit it square in the head!

- Nate Gies

Basic Obedience 

Basic obedience is important for any dog and we offer this service for any breed. We offer four and six week sessions. Throughout the training we will teach your dog five basic commands:

  1. SIT
  2. DOWN
  3. HERE
  4. HEEL

Also included in the Basic Obedience Package:

  1. Your dog will be taught to sit at the door before going in or out of the house.
  2. Your dog will learn not to jump up on people.
  3. Your dog will learn to play with kids, adults, and other dogs.
  4. Your dog will learn to walk at side and not pull the leash.(Heel)
  5. Your dog will learn how to travel in a vehicle.
  6. We start out with 4 weeks of on-leash training, and finish the last 2 weeks with off-leash training.

Space is limited, so please schedule in advance to reserve a spot for your dog.