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Introduction to Gun Fire

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We offer extensive retriever training for companion hunting and hunt tests. There are three options with our training programs.

1. Gun Dog Puppy Program

       The Gun Dog Puppy program is the basis of which high caliber gun dogs are built upon. During this stage of   training we establish a solid foundation for your working retriever by building their confidence through socialization and introduction to the field. We begin by introducing your puppy to a variety of social situations and environments that will be common in their everyday life. We will introduce all puppies to the following:


2. Gun Dog Basic Program

The Gun Dog Basic program is the foundation of which great working retrievers are built. The program will establish Retrievers that will be obedient, steady to shot, and reliably retrieve and deliver birds to hand under a variety of hunting situations.

  • The program begins with a thorough obedience program that teaches your dog five commands: Here, Sit, Heel, Down, and Kennel. At Mossy Creek Retrievers, we believe that basic obedience is the foundation to building  a great gun dog.  During this stage of training, obedience will be formalized and high standards established. We will start training your retriever on a leash and then transition to off-leash obedience. Also, during this phase of training, we will introduce and expose your dog to the field. This is accomplished through the introduction and use of water, decoys, gunfire, and birds. Our training is designed to build your dog's confidence and their desire to retrieve. This process takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks, but can vary from dog to dog.

  • The next phase of training focuses on the trained retrieve. The training will focus on teaching your retriever how to properly hold, drop, and fetch bumpers and birds on command. This process is important because it takes the dog's natural instinct of retrieving and formalizes the process to the needs of the hunter.  Your retriever will learn how to properly deliver the birds to hand, and avoid problems such as hard mouthing. (chewing, eating game, etc.) This process takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks, but can vary from dog to dog.

  • The final phase of the program is designed to put all the training together to formalize the basic retrieve in a variety of hunting situations. We implement the training that your dog has learned and apply it to a basic retrieve in the field. We teach your retriever how to retrieve on command, remain steady until sent, how to mark and find birds in a variety of cover, and deliver your birds to hand. The formal retrieve is applied on land and water. This process takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks, but can vary from dog to dog.

The Gun dog Basic Program is designed so that you can have great hunting companion in the duck blind. Also, your dog is prepared to compete in the basic level hunt test competitions for titles in both AKC (Junior) and HRC/UKC (Started). 

    3. Gun dog Advanced Program

Often times situations arise in the field, where we need a retriever to perform feats that require advanced skills. When you are in your blind and a large group of mallards drop in your honey hole, you want a retriever that can mark and retrieve the multiple birds you shot in the field. You also need a retriever that is able to take hand and whistle signals to chase down cripples that are hiding or track down unmarked birds. The Gun dog advanced stage of training takes approximately four to six months. (after completing basic program) The Gun Dog Advanced program prepares your retriever to perform at a professional level. The following components are involved in the Gun Dog Advanced training program:

  • Multiple Retrieves- Your retriever is taught how to mark and memorize the fall of multiple birds in the field, retrieve them, and deliver to hand.
  • Blind Retrieves- This is the main component of the Gun Dog Advanced training program. We teach your retriever how to take hand and whistle signals. (Casting) This is important skill for your retriever to obtain because it allows you to handle your dog to the fall of a bird that was not marked by your retriever.
  • Diversions- We expose your retriever to diversions in a variety of hunting settings. We teach your retriever to not switch birds, if another bird is shot coming back from a retrieve during a hunt. Your retriever is taught to complete the retrieve before retrieving the diversion bird.
  • Walk-ups- We try to train your retriever to be ready for any hunting situation. Sometimes we find ourselves in hunting situations where opportunities arise as we walk-up on our game en route to the blind. In these situations we need a retriever to be steady to shot so that he or she doesn't scare the birds or break before being sent to retrieve.
  • Honoring- Many of us hunt with other duck hunters who use their dogs in the field. There is nothing worse than being on a hunt and having dogs fighting over birds falling from the sky.  To prevent this problem from arising we teach your retriever that every mark is not always theirs and they have to honor another dog's retrieve.

The Gun Dog Advanced Program is designed to have a superior hunting companion prepared for a variety of hunting scenarios. Additionally, your retriever is prepared to compete for titles of the advanced levels of the hunt test competitions- AKC (Senior and Master) and HRC/UKC (Seasoned and Finished).